“UNRIPE DOGS” a novel by Gianluca Conte (musicaos:ed, smartlit 04)

“UNRIPE DOGS”, by Gianluca Conte (musicaos:ed, smartlit 04)

“As in a vision of Hitchcock, the world of Conte is hit by a mystery: the dogs attack without explanation, the earth succumbs to the power of nature, man is forced to mourn its dead. Momentary apocalypse that is reflected in the temperament of the book”
[Il Fatto Quotidiano, Laura Mangialardo]

Unripe dogs“, is the first novel written by Gianluca Conte. The novel tells the story of Riccardo, a young journalist working for a local newspaper, and Alessio Delmale, farmer and trusted aide of his friend. In the boring routine of Salento in the winter, full of illegal dumping of asbestos, where the summer heat is a faded memory, just nothing opens a gash above a world of speculation, where the geological disaster, the overproduction of trash, prostitution and political corruption, the problems of every day. Everything seems to be going smoothly, until one evening, Riccardo and Alessio, do not have a special surprise. What is the mystery behind the fire circles that make their appearance in the countryside of Scorcia? What lies behind the sudden ferocity of the dogs?

photo by Mirna Maric e Martina Maric

Gianluca Conte was born in Galugnano (Salento, Apulia, Italy) in 1972. Degree in philosophy, is a poet, writer, cultural worker. With the “Centro Studi Tindari Patti” he has published the book “La riflessione dei numer” (The reflection of the numbers, 2010), which was a finalist in the national competition “Andrea Vajola”. With “Il Filo Editore”, he published “Insidie” (Pitfalls, 2008). His third collection, titled “Danza di nervi” (Dance of nerves, Lupo Editore, 2012), won the Prix PugliaLibre 2012 in the section ‘poetry collection’. His blog “Linea Carsica”: http://glucaconte.blogspot.it

“UNRIPE DOGS”, by Gianluca Conte



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