6 Dicembre 2013, Medimex, Bari – BandAdriatica in concerto.



BandAdriatica is among the 21 artists selected to showcase at Medimex 3rd edition at Fiera del Levante of Bari, from Friday 6th to Sunday 8th, December, 2013. This year again Medimex showcases will take concertgoers on a journey through a variety of genres and styles of the Italian music scene, giving room to a remarkable lineup of Apulian artists, as well as to some of the most interesting international music projects. BandAdriatica will showcase on Friday 6th December at 9.20 pm – stage 3.

If you want to get in touch with musicians and staff, BandAdriatica will be in Medimex at stand N° 4. For more informations and details write to info@adriatik.it or contact@adriatik.it or visit www.adriatik.it


“Frastornante, immensamente vitale l’incrocio di micidiali uptempo dispari e quattro quarti, ruggenti e precisi i fiati. Una magnifica turbolenza insomma, che si nutre, a maggior caratura, di testi ben scritti: “C’è un mare da morire, noi partiamo”. Guido Festinese – Il giornale della musica

“This is an interesting project that superbly integrates new composition with roots and demonstrates how easily music can cross national and linguistic barriers.” Michael Hingston – Folk Roots

“Certaines orchestrations avec clarinettes me font penser à celles des musiques de N. Piovani et l’ambiance n’est parfois pas si éloignée de celle de certains films des fréres Taviani” Jean-Luc Matte – Trad-Magazine

Claudio Prima‘s mutinous crew keeps setting stages on fire all over Italy and Europe. The powerful, energetic live show contains several songs from the latest release. The brass and rhythm sections stretch the envelope of Adriatic grooves and styles, while voices, cello and accordion emphasize the melodies.

During last 6 years BandAdriatica played with Boban and Marko Markovic, Naat Veliov and Original Kocani Orkestra, Raiz e Radicanto, Eva Quartet (from Les mystere des voix Bulgares), Dario Marusic (Istria), Bojken Lako, Redi e Ekland Hasa (Albany), Ivo Letunic, Mateo Martinovic (Croatia) and in 2008 realized the project “Rotta per Otranto“: 15 musicians, a sailboat and 400 miles in the Adriatic sea became a documentary about an extraordinary tour of concerts and meetings in the Adriatic harbours.

Are you interested in booking BandAdriatica? CONTACTS:
Claudio Prima
+39 347 5468393


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